7 benefits of holidaying in a boat

Taking a holiday in a boat is a great way to escape from the stress and the frenetic pace of city life. Letting the waves gently rock you to sleep and breath the fresh sea air has benefits both for the body and the mind.  It gives you the possibility to take in all the beautiful views, the sounds, the scents and the tastes that the marine world has to offer, creating the sensation of healthiness that can be felt through all the senses.

Marinanow has been able to highlight the seven benefits of holidaying in a boat.  Here is the list:

1) Sensation of freedom and tranquility: From the moment that you set sail all your mundane daily problems get left behind and you are immersed into the microcosm of relaxation, tranquility and enjoying yourself.

2) Being your own boss: Planning you boating holiday means being able to choose exactly what you want to do and the way you want to reach your goals.  It opens the door to fantasy and adventure thanks to the ability to reach area that often aren’t accessible by land.

3) Remedy to anxiety, stress and depression: Even the Società Italiana di Psicologia (the Italian Society of Psychology) recognises the benefits of holidaying in a boat and even has a treatment called “vela terapia” (sail therapy), based around living on a boat. The experience has been shown to help counter stress, anxiety and depression, and gives you a better understanding of yourself and your body.

4) Equilibrium with your interpersonal relationships: The boating experience also becomes a way to recreate harmony with interpersonal relationships, with every member of the group becoming a fundamental part of the team and you start to work based on collaboration and respect of the others in the group.

5) Breathing the sea air: Breathing clean air, rich with iodine, is a panacea for your respiratory ways and especially for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

6) Enjoy the sun: Exposure to the sun is able to reinforce your immune system as well as stimulating your metabolism and the production of vitamin D which helps maintain healthy bones.

7) Outdoor Sport: Don’t forget that boating holidays also give you the possibility to take part in numerous water activities like surfing, swimming, waterskiing and many more each one helps take weight off you mind and tone your body.

If you need to unwind and enjoy all these benefits, Marinanow offers a simple and easy way to do so. Thanks to their system of berth and boat booking, organising a boating holiday has never been easier.

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