7 rules for the perfect boat holiday

Have you just finished organising your next boat holiday? Are you counting the days that separate you from freedom at sea? Have you ever felt excited about passing a week on board of a boat with your best friends, far away from the stress of the world ?

However, there are many things to know before you organise a boat holiday because the life on a boat has its own rules:

1 – Luggage and Clothes: The spaces on boats are often very reduced, so we recommended reducing your luggage to a minimum.  Try to take a soft bag instead of the classic trolley that is bulky and hard to load on hold. The clothes you bring on a boat must be sporty, simple and comfortable, so that you can feel comfortable every moment of the day.  Avoid wearing shoes with a heel, leather shoes or jewellery.  Shoes must have white rubber soles and must always be clean and used only aboard boats. It is really useful to have a waxed jacket and a good jumper for the windier moments and for the cool evenings. Don’t forget that there is a lot less shade on the boats and reflection from the sea means that you are much more at risk from the UV rays.  Protect your skin from the sun with a cap, a sun cream and sunglasses.

Baggage and clothes

2 – Organise your larder: Before setting anchor and setting off for new horizons, don’t forget to stock up with food for the days dedicated to sailing. You should choose long life foods like cured meats, vacuum-packed cheese, canned food, pasta and pre-cooked sauces. Don’t forget that the spaces in your larder are also small so you have to be pick your food carefully.  You’ll need to also stockpile drinkable water, because it is also need for cooking.


3 – Designating tasks: One of the most important aspects of a boat holiday is the collaboration of the crew. Each member must help carrying out the various tasks, whether its helping docking and management of the sails, or taking turns cooking and tidying up, and making sure that the tasks are divided based on each person’s ability. It’s very important that every member must follow the instructions of the captain, who is in charge of the boat and the crew. You must be able to adapt and respect the other people with whom you will be sharing the often cramped living spaces on the boat so you can pass an enjoyable holiday without problems which brings us onto our next point …


4 – Respect and patience: During a holiday on boat it is vitally important to have respect for the other people on your boat, try to avoid antisocial behaviour and to have a healthy dose of patience to stop you getting angry. First of all we advise you to keep common areas free from personal objects that can cause chaos and confusion. Other tips are to be careful of suncream getting on the boat, because it stains the furniture or can also cause falls, avoid smoking on board, especially below deck and avoid sitting down on cushions with wet bathing suits. In addition to respect for your holiday companions you must also respect the environment: it is good practice to try to reduce the amount of waste you produce and also to separate different types of rubbish (plastic, paper and glass etc.) from organic, which can create bad smells. Don’t forget that it is forbidden to throw non-biodegradable materials like cigarette butts into the sea.

5 – Consumption: When you decide to holiday on a boat it is important to keep in mind that water and electricity are important and limited, so use them sparingly avoiding wastefulness. Moreover when you berth in a marina it is usually possible to connect your boat and recharge your batteries that will supply energy to your boat during sailing. Your loo is a lot less powerful than the land based ones so don’t use too much loo paper or you’ll risk blocking the pipes.  These pipes also work in a different way to the ones at home: if you’re in deep sea they’ll usually discharge into the water or if you’re within 3 miles from the coast they’ll go into in a tank on the boat.



6 – Seasickness: If this is you start feeling ill on your first trip on a boat don’t lose heart; seasickness can hit anybody, but it doesn’t have to ruin your holiday. If you are sick, you should warn the other members of the crew so that they can help you.  Stay above board in the open air, avoid walking and try to stay in the central part of the boat, because that’s the steadiest part. Avoid drinking hard liquors, or eating too much or too fast. There are many commercially available medicines that can help you but you should take them before you board the boat.



7 – Respect the safety rules of sailing: Before sailing you should carefully plan your trip, with the destinations you want to reach and the routes you need to follow. The skipper should follow the weather forecasts and know about sailing safety. If the weather means that sailing won’t be safe the best course of action is to moor in the first available marina or bay, and wait for better weather conditions.

Now that you know about the main rules for the perfect holiday on a boat all you have to do is book your boat or your berth on Marinanow and begin sailing towards the destination of your dreams!