Sailing from the north to the south along the eastern coast of Sardinia is a boating holiday that will make your summer special. The itinerary that we propose gives you the opportunity to discover the beauty of the island from Olbia to Cagliari.  The coast here is defined by small sandy bays and crystal clear waters that can be reached in short journeys that make sailing a joy and allow you to stop off regularly on shore and taste the delicious Sardinian cuisine.

olbia, Olbia to Cagliari

Starting base Olbia

Easy to get to in a few minutes both from the international airport of Costa Smeralda and from the Maritime station, Olbia is one of the most modern tourist structures in the Mediterranean basin. Opened in 2009, it was created to fit in to the wonderful panorama that surrounds it, including the islands of Molara and Tavolara. The Marina di Olbia has all the services necessary to organise your trip. You can start by renting a boat at a great price. Check out this special offer created for you by marinanow from 23rd to 30th July or if you are thinking about going from 6th to 13th August here is another extraordinary offer.

San Teodoro – Protected Marine Area “Tavolara – Punta Coda Cavallo” (8 miles)

Set sail to San Teodoro: a few miles off the Golf of Olbia towards the south you will find the Protected Marine Area of “Tavolara – Punta Coda Cavallo”, a fascinating place with huge paleozoic granite formations.  The vegetation goes right up to the sea making this one of the most attractive bays you will ever see.  Inside the protected area, where you are forbidden to lay anchor in certain zones or go underwater fishing (see this site for more details) you can compare Tavolara, the “dragon island” that rises up vertically from the sea and the smaller islands of Molara, Molarotto, isola Piana and dei Cavalli, which have more rounded forms.

la caletta Olbia to Cagliari

San Teodoro – La Caletta (Siniscola) (20 miles)

La Caletta is part of the commune of Siniscola. In this area, there is a little port, that lets you stop off directly in the town. After you have left San Teodoro (maybe after spending a night on land to enjoy the lively atmosphere of one of the hottest tourist destinations of the east coast of Sardinia), the journey continues to la Caletta a summer destination known for its beautiful, long beach and its marina.

Golfo di Orisei – Porto Corallo (40 miles)

Continuing to Golfo di Orosei, known for its high limestone cliffs including the second highest overhang in Europe (P.ta Plumare 412 m) and one of the deepest canyons in Europe “Su Gorroppu”. Divided in two morphologically different parts, the northern part, on the sea, is rich in pine trees, long beaches and coastal dunes that continue till its northern limit, Punta Nera, while the south is formed by the end part of the plateau of Supramonte, up to Capo di Monte Santu.

Continuing on the trip, we arrive at Cala Gonone, where you will find the grotte del Bue Marino (caves of the marine ox), so called because up until recently they were a resting place for the Mediterranean monk seal and to protect them, in 1987, navigation and human activity was forbidden in the Gulf.

cala luna Olbia to Cagliari

Sailing south you reach the beach of Cala Luna, with its brilliant white sands and intense blue sea, immersed in the wildest nature. Around the bay is a limestone cliff with six enormous caverns that open onto the sands and create the deep valley that makes the beach.

Before reaching your destination, a must see is Cala Goloritzé, one of the most unique beaches in Sardinia.  It was formed by a landslide in 1962 and is famous for its 143 metre high pinnacle that is popular among climbers.  It also has a freshwater spring that comes up through a crevice in the rocks on the beach.

After this, you will arrive at Capo di Monte Santu, which is the end of the coastal zona of Baunei, in the Santa Maria Navarrese region, located in front of the town of the same name, that continues towards the beach delle Rose, which belongs to the neighbouring Commune of Lotzorai.  In front of the beach there is a beautiful little island, the island of Ogliastra, made from porphyritic red granite, 47 metres high and over 10 hectares in size. Here the rocky seabed makes it an ideal place for snorkeling.

After this you reach Arbatax and then on to the Golfo di Tortolì.

punta molentis Olbia to Cagliari


Continuing the coastal journey to Cagliari, another famous stopping point is Villasimius that is an excellent tourist destination and gives you the ability to travel along the coast immersed in the perfumes of myrtle, juniper, oleanders and Mediterranean shrub. The marina here is modern and equipped with all the services necessary for sailors, including the ability to refuel at the dock. The entrance to the marina is easy to make out and once moored you can visit the town which is 7km away from the port.

Isola dei Cavoli / Capo Carbonara  (10 miles)

The Isola dei Cavoli is an island that is located to the south-east of Capo Carbonara. It is easy to spot its lighthouse from the sea which was originally built by the Piemontese in the second half of the 19th Century on top of a Spanish tower from the 16th Century. On the sea bed, about 10 metres underwater, to the south of the island, is the statue of the Madonna of the Shipwrecked (protector of sailors, who traditionally hold a celebration in the town, every penultimate Sunday of July) which was made by the Sardinian sculptor Pinuccio Scioli. From the Isola dei Cavoli (about half a mile northwest of the Cape) to the l’isola di Serpentara (to the west) and the surrounding area, is the Protected Marine Area of Capo Carbonara. This coastline is one of the most interesting areas of Sardinia, but you need to pay special attention to the rocks near the Cape.

Cagliari - Olbia to Cagliari

Geremeas – Cagliari

The trip continues along to Cagliari. The next stops are Torre delle Stelle and Geremeas.   There are not any landing spots equipped with moorings for boats in transit along this part of the coast, but you will find several beaches with clear blue sea and white sands. The tour ends in the middle of the Gulf of Angels, enclosed by Capo Spartivento and Capo Carbonara, which offers the opportunity to visit all the most beautiful places on the south coast of Sardinia.

Arriving in Cagliari, from the marinas of Portus Karalis, Marina di Cagliari and Sant’Elmo you can easily reach the most beautiful parts of the city by foot, enjoy the rich night life and history in the different neighbourhoods of Castello, Marina and Stampace, sipping a fresh mirto from a terrace overlooking the Gulf.