What is Marinanow? Who is behind it? Here are 5 points that explain all you’ll need to know about us!


It started as a business idea to meet a need that has already been met in other fields.  Then a prototype was created in 2012 and tested in the summer of 2013, thanks to the support of the accelerator The Net Value and the Venture Capital Fund United Ventures. In 2014, the team raised €370,000 to accelerate the growth of the project, and focus on the expansion of the business throughout the Mediterranean.

Marinanow is the brainchild of 4 young professionals(Alessandro Sestini, Paolo Codina, Andrea Corvaglia, Livio Quintavalle), united by their passion both for the sea and experience in the marine industry, as well as IT, web design and marketing. They are building a young and enthusiastic team who are growing the project.


Marinanow is a search engine, a marketplace and an app:

  • Search Engine: you can search the portal for berths in over 1000 marinas throughout the Mediterranean, as well as a finding services and commercial activities useful for those on a boat, look though more than 4000 boats available to charter, including yachts, sail boats, motor boats and dinghies. Boats and Berths can be booked 24 hours a day and you can pay for them online without intermediaries and without additional cost.
  • Marketplace: Marinanow is a place where those with moorings and boats that are not being used can find people who want to rent them whether they are a marina a charter agency of simply an individual who wants to earn a bit a money.
  • App: Marinanow is available as a simple and intuitive web-based platform as well as an app for iOS and Android. The solution for all you nautical needs that fits in your pocket.


Marinanow works throughout the Mediterranean, with over 1000 marinas affiliated. It  is available on the web at www.marinanow.com. You can also use it on the go, and have it always to hand thanks to the apps available both on iOS and Android


  • If you are a member: You can perform a search for a berth, entering the desired destination and date as well as the dimensions of your boat. The portal will return a list of all the berths in that area, with the availability and, where possible, the prices for the stay. Once you have selected the port, you can book and pay by credit card or bank transfer directly through Marinanow.
  • If you are a marina, a charter company or simply have a berth or a boat to rent: you can create an account to have access to a 24-hour a day control panel where you can enter information on availability of boats or berths, price lists and other useful information, such as photos, services offered and cancellation policies. When a user sends a berth reservation request, the marina has 24 hours to confirm availability, so as to avoid the risk of overbooking.
  • If you are a business that provides services useful for people on boats: Marinanow offers a special targeted advertising platform. When a user searches for a mooring, on the map showing the marina, markers showing useful services are also visible on the map these can be filtered according to the type of service offered, so that the user can quickly find the best business for them.


Anyone who has ever tried to book a berth knows that the process is slow and inefficient. Even today, mooring reservation is done through VHF, or by telephone, like booking a hotel room before the internet.  Online booking in the hotel industry has seen a 40% increase in bookings per year.  Marinanow wants to extend the idea to the world of boating and to involve all the marinas, not only in the Mediterranean, offering them free exposure and increased business opportunities. To become a partner just register your own marina.

From this initial idea, the project has grown to include charter booking as well as advertising nautical businesses. Today, we have left our beta stage and Marinanow has established itself as the market leader in this sector.