Boat shows

The latest boat show has just finished.  This time it was Miami’s turn to display the latest and greatest innovations from the nautical world.

I thought it would be a good idea to make a little calendar showing when all the major boat shows are this year.  As well as the more established nautical fairs, there are a number of newer ones that are trying to make their mark in the boat show calendar.

Next up, the boat show circuit moves to two countries that in recent years have been driving the boat sales market.  From 3rd-7th March, Dubai will be showing the latest models available and straight afterwards it is followed by Moscow.  The next show is in Palm Beach from March 26th-29th. In April, Venice will be hosting their 13th boat show, from 10th-12th and in May their is the Velafestival Ligure (which you can read about here). Sandwiched between them is Suncoast in Florida from 17th-19th April and to finish the season there is Panama from the 29th-31st May.  Then there is a pause for the summer months before the tour starts again with the Cannes and Monaco boat shows in September.

There were question marks over whether the Genoa nautical fair would go ahead this year with talks of the whole waterfront of Genoa being closed for Renzo Piano’s grand redevelopment project, but it now looks like it will take place at the end of September and the beginning of October.  After that, there is the much smaller fair of Barcelona.

In November, we cross over the Atlantic in time for the Caribbean winter season with Fort Lauderdale 5th-9th November and the Antigua Charter Yacht show 4th-10th December.

Then it is back to Europe with Paris (also the beginning of December), London and Düsseldorf in January 2016 before we get back to where this post started, in Miami.