Riva 63 Vertigo

The Riva 63 Vertigo, at 19,57 metres long, is a one of the biggest models built by the famous Riva boatyard of Sarnico (BG). A completely Italian masterpiece that stands out due to its unmissable style and elegance. Built in 2007, the open yacht from Riva still today is an example of a boat that is able to seamlessly blend harmony, style and design without surrendering any comfort or security.

riva 63 vertigo

Its aerodynamic and slim form and the large internal spaces, make this the perfect boat for cruising around the Mediterranean. Thanks to the presence of a modern hard top the sailor can stay out of the sun in a naturally ventilated environment thanks to the lateral and overhead openings, that create a mix of models half open half coupé. The harmonious and slim design of the boat is highlighted by the roll bars, that let you have an open space at the back accentuating its feisty character. This zone can also be transformed into a elegant little external room thanks to the comfy sofas and table that are available. Even the stainless steel side rail adds character and modernity to this boat, with the aspect that stands out the most being the mix of aristocratic lines and modernness that create a masterpiece of innovation and design.

riva 63' vertigo

While inside elegance is guaranteed with the wooden colours that are used for the walls and furniture, with dark wengé wood and a lighter distressed oak, that creates a fantastic game with the colours typical of Riva boats. Even under the cover the spaces are illuminated with natural lights coming from the large arrow windows, which have been created to adapt perfectly to the style and line of the open yacht.  The Riva 63 Vertigo can host on board up to 10 guests, of which two spaces are reserved for crew, with 3 cabins plus one reserved for the crew, and 3 bathrooms. It also has an elegant and modern living room/kitchen which has all the comforts imaginable and a table that can accomodate 8 guests.

riva 63' vertigo

The driving centre is positioned centrally and has modern instruments and a driving seat that has three different positions. The two MAN 1360 motors allow a maximum speed of 40 kn and a cruising speed of 35 kn.

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