AB 145: the latest creation from AB Yachts

On 7th July 2015 in the Marina of Carrara the long awaited latest creation from AB Yachts was launched, the core brand of the Fipa Group boatyard and leader in the construction of open yachts with water-jet propulsion.

The new model, the AB 145, is helping to fuel the optimism in a sector that has been deeply damaged by the financial crisis even if it has always been good at creating technological innovative models with stubbornness and pride.


The AB 145 is a majestic yacht at 44 metres long that offers remarkable spaces both inside and outside; in fact it is one of the biggest examples of the sportif line that the Group has ever created. The construction criteria for this boat are those that have become a must for all Ab Yachts.  Hull and superstructure in light materials, MTU engine, MJP water-jet, deep V gliding hull, lightness and careful hydrodynamic studies undertaken by the boatyard, allow this new model to fly on the water with a maximum speed of 42 kn (an unusual speed for a boat of this size), with no vibrations and with maximum stability.

The AB 145 won’t go unnoticed, not only for its dimensions, but also for its design that combines comfort and luxury, safety and practicality, elegance and agressiveness, traditions and innovation. Everything is finished to the smallest detail and can be customised to satisfy the needs of the clients with comfortable solutions. New and large spaces are available for the boat owner and his guests to maximize entertainment and relax on board.

The real peculiarity of this boat is in the boat owner’s suite. It is situated on the bow deck, and is furnished with a bed in the centre of the room, from which the boat owner can enjoy a unique view through the big glass wall in front of the bed and the side windows, that fill the room with natural light. Through a private ladder you can access the outside space in the bow, reserved for the boat owner and furnished for complete relaxation and privacy. On the right of the cabin there is a terrace onto the sea, that offer the guests another private space.

Below deck, there are four comfortable cabins for the guests (three VIP cabins and a cabin for the guests with single beds) each with a private bathroom and there is also a gym. The area for the crew is also large and has been designed carefully: a big professional kitchen, a launch room, a laundry area and a pantry that is as good as the guest’s area. The size of the flybridge will also amaze you.

Large spaces and high quality design are what this latest AB Yacht creation is all about.