From 24th – 26th June Elbable will take place, an event organised by the Sailing Club of Marciana Marina in collaboration with the Yacht Club of Cala de’ Medici.  The name is a play on words: with ELBABLE being a palindrome (reading the same backwards as forwards), and the regatta is like a palindrome around the Island of Elba. It’s a unique race where the competitors decided the direction they want to circumnavigate the island and each one follows their own decisions.


The boats set out Saturday morning at 07:00 from Marciana Marina to circumnavigate the island, whether heading clockwise to the east or anticlockwise to the west and, after around 50 miles, the participants finish the race at Marciana Marina again.

The reentry is predicted for the late afternoon early evening on Saturday with a dinner at the Circolo della Vela. Prize giving, on the other hand, takes place on Sunday morning.


Elbable from the very beginning, in 2011, has attracted every type of crew, which creates a lighthearted and merry atmosphere, without sacrificing the technical skills. In fact the tactical choices that have to be made throughout the race challenge the intuition and courage of every team.

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