Expensive Toys at the Genoa Boat Show

Today we have had meetings all morning with companies from all over the world.  We’ve spoken to companies from Russia, India and Romania.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days that are set aside for talking to foreign companies so we will be busy the next few days making contacts with even more people.

After the meetings, we were able to explore the show some more.  There is loads to see.  Some stuff is necessary, some stuff would be nice to have and then there is stuff like this.


Expensive Toys - Deep Sea diving suit

This deep sea diving suit, allows you to go up to 300m underwater.  You need four people to put it on.  It has enough oxygen for 5 hours of expeditions.  If you get stuck there are also two emergency tanks that have enough oxygen for 40 hours.  Before you get your credit cards out, I have some bad news.  This suit is not available to buy.  It’s purely a military suit for now.

Expensive Toys - Power Boat

Poliform Powerboat from behind


There was also on display this Powerboat from Poliform.  The Newstar 74 is currently second in the world powerboat championships.

Alonso's Ferrari

And if you have enough of the all the boats, there was also this little car on show. Ferrari’s latest F1 model as driven by Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen this year.