From July 24th till July 30th, the Friendship Trophy 2017 launches the International Offshore Regatta that will take place in the Channel of Sardinia for about 120 miles, from Cagliari and arriving at the port of Bizerte.

The event

The event is organized by G.V. Lega Navale Italiana (Cagliari section) in collaboration with the Velotino Ventotene Club, the Tunisian Sailing Federation, the Nautical Club and the Bizerte Tourist Port, the Nautique Club of Sidi Bou Said, the Marina of Yasmine Hammamet and other nautical clubs and harbours, both Italian and Tunisian.

The Friendship Trophy, as it is called, is an important moment where, through sport, two worlds are connected despite their perceived distances: Italy (Sardinia) and North Africa.

The Sardinian channel, this section of water that is now sadly known for the latest international political events, turns for a week into a bridge between Africa and Europe where the sea cuts down the barriers.

The Participants

The following categories of boats will participate in the racing:

1st Group: Longer than 9 m boats. LFT

  • ORC (International or Club)
  • IRC
  • Classic boats and vintage boats, grouped based on overall length
  • Monotypes

2nd Group: Holiday Race Division

Sailboats not in line with the admission requirements that use propulsion engines.

The Friendship Trophy, contended by competitors and sailors from all over the world, will be given to the winners of the 1st Group.


  • 24/27 – July – gathering boats at L.N.I. sect. of Cagliari; Secretarial opening and refresher registration Regatta Cagliari – Bizerte;
  • July 27 – Upgrade Registration Dinner in honour of the participants;
  • July 28 – 11.00 am start of race;
  • July 30 – Awards ceremony and gala dinner in Bizerte.

Related events

From July 31st to August 8th 2017, for those who want to remain in Tunisia for longer, it will be possible to take part in the Carthago Dilecta Est-Tunisie Sailing Week Regatta that will take place between Bizerte and Hammamet.

All participants will be guaranteed free mooring at the harbours of the regattas and in particular in Hammamet and special rates until August 30th for boats that intend to stop in Tunisia.


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