If what you want is a relaxing sailing holiday, we can offer you a fascinating journey from Caorle to Istria, in one of the most elegant areas of Italy. Sail from beautiful Caorle, on the Venetian lagoon, up to Croatia to stop in Istria, a peninsula between the Gulf of Trieste, the Dinaric Alps and the Kvarner Bay.

Lussino, Caorle to Istria

The route that we propose can be done in a week of sailing.  Starting early in the morning from Caorle, in 5-6 hours of sailing you will have already reached Istria. But before you travel, you should also take advantage of a stay in the Venetian town that offers tourists who love the sea more than 250 hotels and a thousand berths distributed in two city docks, including the Darsena dell’Orologio, which has been awarded the blue flag each year since 1992.

Stroll along the 18km of coastal beaches, divided into the beach of Levante and of Ponente which are separated by some rocks.


But Istria is waiting for you, and from Caorle you can land in various destinations along the coast, such as Cervar-Porat, which is located in the north of the peninsula, or Vrsar also called Orsera and Rovinj, better known as Rovigno and considered a treasure trove of Venetian art.

An unmissable experience is the crossing of the Kvarner, a funnel shaped stretch of sea that gets narrower between the Istrian mainland and the archipelago of Assirtidi (Cherso-Lussino) and that joins up with the gulf of Fiume via the canal of the Faresina. For lunch stop off at the island of Unije, while in the evening you can moor at the island of Losini (Lussino) where  you can enjoy a dinner by the sea and spend the night in the marina.


Leave Losinj and sail to the island of Susak (Sansego), from the Greek word Sansegos meaning oregano which grows in abundance on the island. It is made predominantly from fine sand on a limestone base, that was formed by the Po river leaving its sediment here during the last ice age. It is a charming place where you can to spend the night at anchor.

Crossing back over the Kvarner, there are several hidden coves along the coast, and one night it is well worth staying at ACI Marina Pola, a marina which is located on the coast of the ancient city of Pola (Pula), the largest city in Istria and an important tourist and cultural centre.

Places where time has the rhythm of the placid waters of the Adriatic Sea, an ideal destination for families and couples. Choose the right boat for you, and happy sailing!