Maybe it’s the suggestive lagoon atmosphere, the scent of humanity that breaths between the channels, the feeling of being suspended in time but to seduce and be seduced is almost a requirement in Venice.

If you reach the most romantic city in the world in time for Valentine’s Day, here for you some of the characters that make up a real epic: lovers who made dream hundreds of women, making their mark in the collective imagination and making special the city of the Doges.

If you are visiting the most romantic city in the world for Valentine’s Day, here are a few of the figures that have made the city so epic: lovers who have made hundreds of women dream, leaving a sign on their collective imaginations and making the city of the Doges special.




The most famous beyond all doubt is Giacomo Casanova, the Venetian that despite efforts to establish himself as a writer, historian, philosopher and even a mathematician is infamous for his conquests of the fairer sex, so much so that his name is synonymous with seduction.  Use your stay in Venice as an opportunity to read Histoire de ma vie (The Story of my life), in which Casanova describes with complete honesty his adventures, his travels and his innumerable seductions. For the lovers of cinema, you can rewatch the 2005 film with Heath Ledger playing the role of the protagonist, that was almost entirely filmed in Venice.

Venice was also home of the noblewoman Bianca Cappello, the future wife of Francesco de’ Medici, famous for her beauty and elegance, that for the sake of love at just 15 fled from her father’s palace to be with a Florentine, that was pretending to be a banker and left her after having stolen her wealth.




Lord Byron, the restless English Poet, also left his mark on the city and is meant to have bedded over 200 hundred women, amongst them countesses and cobblers’ wives, nobles, bourgeois and commoners.

Not to mention that among the streets of Venice there was also born the overwhelming passion between the already mature Isabella Teotochi Albrizzi and the young Ugo Foscolo, both patrons of the Albrizzi lounge (which Byron and Casanova also used).



And it was in Venice that the turbulent story between Gabriele D’Annunzio and Eleonora Duse was born, that in 1894, after courting via an exchange of letters, it was chosen as the location for their meeting resulting in over ten years of torment.

The Forbidden City, with its masks and seduction, persuaded even Hemingway, even though he was already old to fall for a 19 year old baroness, who became his muse for his work “Across the River and into the Trees“.

And so, what other strong emotions if not love can inspire you to voyage and explore? To experience the beautiful and intriguing Venice in the best possible way why not leave your boat in good hands, and lose yourself.