The Sant’Anna feast is the most important summer festival of the island of Ischia: on July 26th, you will enjoy a unique evening in the enchanting scenery of the Roman bay and the Aragonese Castle.

The Event

Starting at 9 pm in the magical Cartaromana creek you will attend the famous parade of allegorical boats, a real competition with a jury of experts ready to assign the first prize to the most incredible crafts.

This year, on its fiftieth anniversary, it will be pay homage to Antonio De Curtis, the famous Italian actor Totò. There will be a race of boats inspired by the Prince of the Art of Laughter.

At the end of the evening there will be the simulated fire of the Aragonese Castle and an extraordinary spectacle of fireworks that will also be visible from the nearby island of Procida and the farthest of Capri.

The event invites thousands of tourists every year to sit on the rocks of the Aragon Bridge and hundreds of boats, including the traditional “gozzi”, which moor in this beautiful and ancient marina.

In this context between dream and reality, every year, a propitiatory rite is devoted to the pregnant women of whom Sant’Anna is the Patroness. This ancient rite dates back to the thirties, when the islanders used to drive their boats to the Church of Sant’Anna and moor them there in her honour.

For this occasion, a rich panorama of cultural events has been set up. From July 23rd to 25th, the island will be immersed into history, art and tradition. Numerous artists will give their contribution, and you will be involved in concerts, tastings of typical products, shopping and guided tours to the Aragonese Castle and the archaeological area.

The event will end with a huge fireworks show that will involve the entire bay decorated by the numerous “lampetelle” placed on the rocks of Sant’Anna, on the ramparts of the Aragonese Castle, on the boulders of the Tower and on the balconies of the Borgo.

The fireworks and the simulated fire of the Aragonese Castle represent the most sought after moment: come and discover it with us chartering your boat for the most impressive night of the year!

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