Could the America’s cup races be coming to Sardinia?

Yesterday, Max Sirena, skipper of Luna Rossa’s America’s cup yacht answered questions from the public and the press. One of the things he said was of particular interest to us.  He said that it is likely that some of the races for the America’s cup trials will be held in Sardinia.  Luna Rossa and Cagliari already have a partnership.  The Yacht team has a base in the port of Cagliari (that we can see from out office window).

Luna Rossa and Cagliari


If the races do happen here we will keep you up to date with plenty of photos and news.

One of the other big themes of the year is that this could be the last boat show in Genoa.  The organisers are already talking about moving the boat show to May so they will not have to compete with Cannes and Monte Carlo.  Even if this happens, the licence of Saloni Nautici spa (the company that organises the fair), runs out in December 2015.  Genoa do no want to renew the licence because they want Renzo Piano to redesign the entire coast line of the city including the space occupied by the fair!  Who knows. Maybe next May the fair will be in Cagliari too!


Back to news about the fair.  Today was another busy day at the fair.  As well as having meetings scheduled from 10:30 till 16:00, there were thousands of members of the public.  It was much busier today with the start of the weekend.  Below are a couple of photos of a quadski from gibbs sports.

Jet Ski Buggy



These hybrids act as quadbikes while on land travelling at 45mph.  However, when you enter the water the wheels retract and the quadski acts like a jetski.  It could come straight from a James Bond film.