Manage your marina in 3 steps with Marinanow

Marinanow allows you to receive and manage bookings for your marina’s berths.  Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know so you can start using the system.

  1. Use our extranet to manage your marina on Marinanow.  From here it is possibile to:

    • receive bookings 24 hours a day
    • chat directly to your clients and send personalised quotes
    • be paid online, with guaranteed payments
    • insert different prices for any time of the year and to instantly update your berths availability

To access the extranet and start managing your bookings, simply login with the following link:

If you can’t remember your password, click on “Lost Password?” and we will send you an email with instructions on resetting it. If you don’t remember the email used to create the account write to and we’ll help.

  1. Once you’re inside, you can start to manage your bookings and any requests for information clicking on the menu to the left of the screen:


Managing Bookings:

In this area you can see all the instant bookings made by your clients.  These are the bookings of berths where your marina has provided the prices and availability, allowing the client to book and pay directly online with their credit card.

The booking will be stored in the section “Reservations” when the client has provided his personal data, the information regarding his boat and pre-authorised the payment via his credit card. The marina only needs to confirm the berth is available at the price quoted and they will be paid instantly.

N.B.:  You have 24 hours to confirm the booking.

To access the list of your requests, click here:

Click on “View details” and you will be shown a description of the request including the client’s detials and the details of the request. If the berth is available, you will be able to confirm the booking and be paid online.

conferma rifiuta prenotazione


Managing requests for estimates:

In this area you will see all the requests made by your clients. This is where the requests go if the client does not have all the information needed to make a booking online (for example, the marina has not supplied the prices and/or availability of the berths).  Your client will send you a message telling you the details of his boat, the check-in and check-out dates and any other specific requests that he has.

Once the request is received, you will be able to send an estimate to the client, ask for more information, or refuse the request leaving a reason why you could not accept the request.

N.B.  The process of sending and receiving an estimate request takes longer than an instant booking.  The longer you take to respond the more likely the client will make a booking elsewhere  (that’s why we advise all marinas to insert the prices and availability of their boats). The success rate for responses within 2 hours is 70% after which it starts to drop off quickly.

To access the list of estimate requests click here:

gestione richieste prenotazioni

Click on “view details” and you will be able to see the message your client has sent you and choose a response: send them an offer, refuse the request or ask for more information (for more information on this read this article).

gestione richiesta

  1. You can update the availability calendar, modify the description of the marina and change the prices by selecting “Manage marinas” from the left hand menu.

To manage your marinas click the following link:

gestione marina

Select “Availability Calendar” and you will be able to change the availability and prices for you berths for any date and for any category.  Simply click on one of the days that you want to modify and fill in the form that appears:


The days coloured green are those where there is availability for that berth while those in red have no availability.


To modify this calendar, you have to first insert your price list for every berth category (in the “Moorings” section) and for every season (in the “Seasons” section).