Surrounded by green vegetation and the blue of the sea, the new ACI marina, named after the inventor of the ACI marina chain Veljko Barbieri, is situated in the beautiful bay of Slano, a charming little town 35 km from Dubrovnik and connected to it by regular buses. slano_marina

Well protected from the winds, the ACI marina “Veljko Barbieri” is located in the bend of the northeastern port of Slano, and is an ideal starting point to explore the nearby Elaphiti islands.  You sail into the marina through the 340 metre long channel of Koločep between the Gornji and Donji cape. On the Donji cape (at the Western point of the bay), there is a lighthouse (C Bl 3s 16m 4M). The harbour light is situated on the local boardwalk, 150 metres to the northwest of the marina. One needs to sail on the NE course from the entrance to Slano harbour to reach the marina. The water depth in the marina is sufficient for safe sailing and is mostly between 10 and 35 metres in depth. The water is shallower near the shores where it drops to a minimum of five metres.

The marina offers great services and 200 berths in the water that can host boats up to 20m in length. As well as this, the beautiful structure, recently inaugurated, has a swimming pool available for its clients as well as all the essential services to relax while you take a break from exploring Dubrovnik.


Easily reachable by sea, the Channel of Koločep, which is protected by the Elaphiti Islands, can be entered passing through numerous straits. The first to the west is Mali Vratnik, between the peninsular of Sabbioncello – Pelješac and the little island of Olipa. After that there is Veliki Vratnik, between Olipa and the island of Jakljan.  Then there is  the strait of Harpoti, between Jakljan and Šipan. To the east, there is the Mezzo Strait between the islands of Giuppana – Šipan and Mezzo – Lopud, the strait of Koločep, between the island of Mezzo and Calamotta – Koločep and the strait of Velika Vrata, that is the southern most entrance to the channel.

A stay in Slano will allow you to discover the most picturesque places along the Dubrovnik Riviera, with its long cultural tradition and various reminders of its ancient history right up to when it became a prestigious resorts in the days of the Ragusa Republic.  Among the traces of the past are the beautiful Franciscan church of St. Jerome dating back to the 15th century, and the summer residence of the Ohmucevic family, which was the birth place of many a famous sailor and scholars. In recent years, Slano has invested heavily in tourism, evidence of which can also be seen in this marina and there is lots to see nearby for example there is a road leading to Zavala 14 km away in Herzegovina, where you will find the famous “Vjetrenica” cave.

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  • 200 berths up to 20m in length
  • Reception with money exchange and shops selling the exclusive ACI collection of fashion accessories
  • Swimming pool
  • Bathrooms with separate disabled facilities
  • Laundry
  • Boat booking agencies
  • Wi-Fi
  • Water
  • Travel lift
  • Haulage and Launching
  • Underwater works/ divers

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