Cala Capra – Palau

The small town of Palau is found in one of the most evocative and touristic locations of the North – West Sardinia, in front of the Maddalena Island and a short distance from the famous Costa Smeralda. Its landscapes are characterized by a juxtaposition of white beaches amidst the Mediterranean scrub, jagged coasts and the clear sea that is a true paradise for water sport lovers.


The marina of Cala Capra, situated in the bay of the same name, is a small private port that is easily reached from the other ports of the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to its privileged position, it is a safe and comfortable docking for yachts and boats for those who want to visit the North Sardinia area, like the Maddalena Island and the South Coast of Corsica. The marina has 50 berths available for boats up to 50 metres long.  Since 2014 the marina also has a buoy sector able to accommodate boats up to 100 metres long. Sailors who decide to dock in Cala Capra Marina can benefit from many services both on board and on land, like waste management, mooring assistance, water and power, purchase of ice, on board spas, restocking or catering from the famous restaurant “Il Paguro”, that offers free mooring during lunch. In the marina itself there are many shops that can offer you luxury services, like restaurants, a gym, a wellness centre, a golf course and a five star hotel. A price list of the marina is available here.

Start our tour in one of the most wonderful and renowned locations of Sardinia, among the white beaches and smooth rocks to discover one of the many hidden bays and beautiful picture perfect landscapes:

Cala Capra

The urban centre of Palau receives you with its vivacity and its comings and goings of tourists that walk slowly in the narrow alleys among the typical Galluran style houses, surrounded by shops where you can find souvenirs and local produce as well as restaurants where you can eat al fresco.

After the walk, where you will have taken a load of photos and shopped till you dropped it’s time for lunch.  Why not try “Il Paguro”, where you can taste typical dishes and enjoy the splendid view on the sea. The restaurant is right on the Cala Capra bay and is perfect for who those who have docked in the marina. The kitchen, supervised by chef Pierluigi Putzu, offers traditional Sardinian dishes as well as reinterpretations, where of particular note are the fresh fish and shellfish.

restaurant il paguro

ristorante il paguro

After you have eaten it is time to return on board your boat to set sail toward the Maddalena Island and to discover the famous beaches of Palau:

You can admire the enchanting coasts of the island and will fall in love with the Caribbeanesque beaches of Palau that in 2015 received the “Blue flags” for their respect of the environmental sustainability plan, the cleanliness of their water and the services.


Cala Capra

porto rafael

Going toward the Maddalena archipelago (National Park from 1995) you will see the famous Bear rock, a spectacular natural sculpture in the shape of a bear that gives the name to the whole promontory.


To satisfy your cultural needs head to the Caprera Island, connected to the Maddalena Island directly, where you can visit the house of Giuseppe Garibaldi, where the Italian hero spent the later years of his life.


The waters of Palau are a true paradise for water sport lovers. A mix of perfect weather conditions, breathless landscapes and turquoise waters make Palau the perfect place for those passionate in sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and diving.

sport palau

diving palau

vela palau


The best way to enjoy the beauty of Palau is on board of a boat, sailing through the blue seas of Sardinia, observing the coast from afar and weighing anchor when you find an unmissable bay or explore the rich marine landscapes. To book your berth or your boat you can rely on Marinanow: we have boats for all budgets that will let you explore the coast and have an unforgettable trip, as well as berths available to be booked online direct from our site at no additional cost.

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