Marina of the week: Capri (Italy)

Ever thought about a journey around the world on a boat? You are not quite ready? Well how about a journey around an island instead! This week Marinanow lets you discover the island of Capri!

Capri is an island in the gulf of Naples, situated in front of the Sorrento peninsula. The island is considered one of the most suggestive, picturesque, magic and romantic places in the whole of Italy. People that visit it won’t be able to forget the crystalline waters, the indented coast line and the numerous shimmering caves to explore, nor the amazing landscape, the historic buildings, the architecture and the city centre where you can be a tourist, among the luxury shops and the little squares active from dawn to dusk.

The best way to enjoy and discover the beauty that Capri has to offer is by sea: on board your boat or on board one of the many boats available on Marinanow you can reach the tourist port of Capri, where you can moor your boat for a short break and to visit the centre of the island before setting sail along its coasts.

The tourist port of Capri, situated in the north centre of the island, welcomes you with its lively colours: it has roughly 300 berths and two different docks: one for tourist traffic and one for commercial traffic.

Marina Grande Capri

Nearby you can take a break on the famous beach of Marina Grande or head towards Vittoria Square (in Anacardi, the second district of the island) where you can take the chair lift and head into the Mount Solaro, where you can admire the view of the Gulf of Naples and Salerno from 589 meters above sea level. The descent can be by foot which will allow you to visit the Eremo of Cetrella, a little church and a place for monks to retire to where you can admire the flora and the fauna of Capri. Continuing on the walk, you can visit the Villa of San Michele, a museum for the Swedish writer Axel Munthe.

piazzetta Capri

Back in Capri you can take a break at the square called Piazzetta, where pretty much every visitor of the island from all parts of the world passes through. Here you can relax whilst sipping a glass of local wine or pick a table in one of the many restaurants that Capri has to offer, where you can taste the typical food of the island, like the ravioli from Capri or the famous Caprese Salad. From the square you can walk down the promenade of Via Camerelle, a beautiful street full of luxury shops where you can shop to your hearts content. Heading towards Via Tragara you arrive at the spectacular Belvedere of Tragara, where you can admire the majestic Faraglioni, the eternal guardians of the island; the three huge stones that emerge from the blue sea are one of the symbols of Capri.


Nearby you can chose to sunbathe in the beach of Marina Piccola or to continue the walk towards the Garden of Augusto or along Via Krupp, considered one of the most panoramic and spectacular streets in the world.

And after you have walked through the streets of Capri and have savoured the smells, the colours, and the flavours of the land, it’s time to return to your boat and enjoy the most charming aspect of the island: the sea and its coasts.

Leaving the port of Marina Grande and heading towards the eastern part of the island you will find the Statue of Scugnizzo, which greets the tourists and marks the start of our sea tour. Continuing you will run into two of the many grottos scattered around the island, the Grotto of Coral and the White Grotto: the first gets its name from the anemones and coral that cover the walls of the grotto, while the second, which has pure white walls, offers you an impressive display of stalactites and stalagmites.

natural arch Capri

Nearby you can see the natural arch, a 20 meter high rock formation with a spectacular shape that resembles a piece of art that plunges from the green of the mediterranean scrub to the blue of the sea. After this you will come across the Malaparte Villa, a villa on a cliff overlooking the sea considered one of the best pieces of modern architecture in the world.

Finally you come to the Faraglioni: gems of the sea that tower around 100 meters above the sea and are the symbol of Capri.  There is a legend that if a couple kiss under the arch of the middle stack they will be together forever.  Continuing on you will see the bay of Marina Piccola, where Ulysses was meant to have been enticed by mermaids and their songs. Next up is the Green Grotto which gets its name from the emerald reflections of the water.

lighthouse Punta Carena Capri

When you leave the grotto you’ll be greeted by another spectacle; the lighthouse of Punta Carena is the second largest lighthouse in Italy and is one of the oldest lighthouses too. To see the lighthouse at its best try to get there for sunset when the sun turns the water pink and the lighthouse starts to shine its light on the water.

The final part of your journey is the amazing Blue Grotto, an unbelievable cave where you can enjoy a natural light show on board of a little rowboat with a sailor who will also sing typical Neapolitan songs for you.

Blue Grotto Capri

An amazing island where nature merges with the ancient culture and spirit of a place torn between the sea and the land. Nobody should visit the Mediterranean and miss this pearl. So why don’t you take advantage of the arrival of Summer and organise your next holiday to Capri? Book your boat or your berth on Marinanow and begin your journey around the island!

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