Rent your berth at Genova Porto Antico

Genoa and the sea. An indissoluble marriage since ancient times, a city that is the history of sailing, which combines modernity with the tradition of seafaring, nowhere more so than Genova Porto Antico.

Genoa is a city in which you have to discover not only physically, but also through the music of the songwriters who still seem to resonate among the narrow streets of the old port: Fabrizio De André, Luigi Tenco, Ivano Fossati.


… and in the words of the poets Dino Campana, Giorgio Caproni, Eugenio Montale … and in its great historical figures: Christopher Columbus, Andrea Doria, Giuseppe Mazzini.

…and not to forget the Genoa Maritime Republics, and the Doges and the Expedition of the Thousand as well as the riots of the 1960s against the Tambroni government and in 2001 against the G8, in which the young protestor Carlo Giuliani was killed.  It is also the city where Italian football was born, as well as being the city of Ansaldo and the Expo.


There are two ways to visit Genoa: exploring the ancient squares and narrow streets of the old town where the sun struggles to infiltrate, or by visiting the innovative museums that lie on the waterfront in the harbour area.


Arrive in your own boat is an unforgettable experience, where you will be able to see the beautiful Old Port with its picturesque harbour where fishing boats are still moored along side immaculately detailed Genoese leudi with owners proud of their origins.

To reach this amazing destination, click here and reserve your berth now and get ready to set sail!

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