Founded in 1953, the Club Nautico Marina di Carrara is a flagship for fans of sailing in Tuscany. Marina di Carrara is a popular beach town on the Apuan coast, in the municipality of Carrara, known as a holiday resort and for the Marmotec annual fair. The village is part of an urban area interspersed with pine forests and parks, which stretches between the sea and the centre of Avenza, where you’ll find the train station of Carrara-Avenza, and to the west is where it joins the Ligurian town of Marinella.

A reference point for all generations who want to partake in sports, it was honoured in 2003 with a Stella d’Oro C.O.N.I. for sporting merit and is a breeding ground for great sailing champions such as the Chieffi brothers, Gigi Cross, Gigi Saidelli and Luca Santella.

Inside the club there are also activities such as tennis and swimming and every year the Nautical Club organises sporting events such as: regattas, tournaments and meetings.



The club has 190 berths for pleasure boats and also offers a wide range of activities related to shipbuilding, which characterises much of the Apuan industrial area.

A grey bell tower is visible from far away and indicates the location of the port.  Upon entering, boats must keep to 30-40 m from the head of the dam and the pier in Levante because of underwater reefs.  As you proceed, you will find the piers of the Club Nautico Marina di Carrara at the far end on the right.

It is easily accessible and a well equipped landing place and is not far from some important twentieth century buildings like Villa Giampaoli, the Condominium of Via Venezia and the Squassoni condominium.

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  • Number of berths 190
  • Max Length 30 metres
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Petrol
  • Collection of used oils
  • Haulage and Launching
  • Crane
  • Travel lift
  • Public WC
  • Weather forecast
  • Ice
  • Collection of rubbish
  • 24 hour surveillance
  • Free shower
  • Berthing Assistance
  • Yacht club
  • Motor Repairs
  • Sail Repairs

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