The Port of Manfredonia – Puglia

Manfredonia is a tourist city situated in the South of the Promontory of the Gargano in Puglia, and for this reason it is known as the “Door of Gargano”. The city was founded by King Manfredi in 1256, who wanted to make “Manfredonia one of the most beautiful cities in the world”. In 2010 the Gargano was the only place in Italy ranked in The New York Times’s 31 best places in the world.

The area is characterised by the low sandy coasts of the Gulf of Manfredonia, framed by the Mountain of the Sun,  better known as the Promontory of the Gargano. Manfredonia has the sea meeting the mountains, so it is a great place for a memorable holiday, and thanks to its favourable position is a good starting point to reach the nearby town of Vieste, the Tremiti Islands or for an excursion to international destinations like Greece and Croatia.

Marina of Gargano

The Marina of Gargano, situated in the Gulf of Manfredonia and neighbouring the city centre, is the new tourist port of the Adriatic Sea. The Marina can host boats and super yachts up to 60 meters in length in every season and attracts thousands of sailors every year, attracted both by the beauty of the place and the high quality of the services offered by the Marina. The tourist port of Manfredonia is made up of jetties with Ingemar fingers and minifingers certified by RINA, that are able to host up to 700 berths. Thanks to the 6 meter deep sea beds, the favourable position, the temperate weather and the Promontory of the Gargano that protects the area from the Northern winds, the Marina offers a safe mooring for an unforgettable stay. The Marina offers many services for the safety and the wellness of the boat and the sailor like a boatyard with a 130 Ton Travel Lift, a sailmaker, boat storage, mooring assistance, night surveillance, water and power and much more. The area is also equipped with a Yacht Club, that promotes water sports and activities as well as many regattas and nautical events and with ample green areas and many shops it provides a great location for all sailors. You can see the price list of the marina at this link.

Are you ready to start a journey to the fascinating Manfredonia? Set sail!

Marina of Gargano

Visit the city and its artistic and folkloristic heritage: the heart of the city of Manfredonia is characterised by narrow white roads, where you will find many shops where you can buy products of the local craftsmen and many restaurants (for example the trattoria Lo Scellerato, situated in the city centre) where you can taste the typical dishes of the place, like fresh fish and good wine. During the visit you will be fascinated by the majestic Castle of Svevo, where there is the Archeological Museum of Manfredonia, or by the Cathedral of Manfredonia, where there are many works from the Byzantine period, like the “Madonna dagli occhi sbarrati” (the Madonna of the wide open eyes”). Whoever visits the city on the third week on January can take part in the famous carnival parade of Manfredonia, where you can admire the popular mask of “Ze Pepp”.

Marina of Gargano

A dip into the green National Park of Gargano: If you decide to spend your holiday in Manfredonia you should definitely visit one of the most important natural parks of Italy, that is characterised by the variety of the landscapes that make it a reserve of great biodiversity: in this zone that makes up only 0,7% of the total national land mass there are the 33% of the vegetable species and it is a place where 170 of 273 birds species of Italy go to reproduce. Inside the park there are fascinating excursions through various landscapes, like the Umbrian Wood, full of luxurious beech and pine, and the marine landscapes, characterised by the high calcareous cliffs that plunge into the sea creating beautiful coves of fine sand: Punta Rossa, Punta Grugno, Baia dei Gabbiani, Fontana delle Rose, Baia delle Zagare, Grotta Campana, Vignanotica, Grotta Sfondata, Pugnochiuso, Porto Greco, Baia San Felice with its famous Arch, and l’Isola di Campi are only some of the opportunities of exploration and relax in Manfredonia.

Marina of Gargano

All aboard for an excursion along the Coast of Gargano: on board of your boat you can reach enchanting places that are able to make your holiday unforgettable. Going to sea you can take a break in one of the many caves along the coast, like Cala Matana or Duchessa, or diving into the blue waters of the Tremiti Islands to explore the rich sea bottoms in this area or explore the grottos, like the spectacular Grotta delle Viole, which gets its name from the violet reflections of the water and from the flowers that cover its walls, principally pansies. As you get further away from the coast the Gulf of Manfredonia the area becomes a perfect regatta field, where passionate sailors can enjoy themselves among the waves.

If you choose to spend your holiday in the Gulf of Manfredonia, immerse yourself completely in the nature, in a place that is able to give you unique emotions. You can book your berth in the Tourist Port of Manfredonia and visit the ample area of Gargano directly at this link: you can send a free estimate request to the Marina and then book directly online without any extra costs.

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