This week, sail with us to Sicily, in the beautiful waters of the Aeolian Archipelago and choose your berth in one of the most beautiful harbours in the area: Santa Maria Salina.

Located to the south of the Marina of Salina, there is the newest tourist harbour of the Aeolian Port. Protected at the southwest by a curved jetty and at the southest by a strong pier, it is a safe harbour for those who want to moor their boats in this natural paradise.

The Santa Maria Salina Dock has 120 berths up to 50 mt, with a maximum draft of 5.5 mt and guarantees a safe and secure mooring.

Inside the harbour, there is a long floating dock parallel to the shore quay while outside the dock, south of the jetty pier, there is the Pozzo d’Agnello Wharf where you can moor and take advantage of the presence of water intakes and electricity.

The Santa Marina Salina tourist harbour, now called “Porto delle Eolie”, is managed by Safim srl since 2009. This private company has implemented a number of innovations to the overall management of the marina with the aim of providing high standard and satisfying service to the customers.

Significant investments have been made to implement a set of interventions aimed at a radical aesthetic, qualitative and functional redevelopment of the port facilities and, consequently, of the services offered.

In addition, further investments are planned for the realisation of various works that will further improve the usability, safety and comfort of the marina guests in the future.


Included in the mooring

  • Mooring assistance
  • Radio assistance
  • Weather Forecasts Service
  • Toilets

Not included in the mooring

  • Arrival and departure practices and related services
  • Recommendations for yachts and pleasure craft
  • Service assistance for yachts and maxi-yachts
  • Water supply (subject to limitations)
  • Electric power supply up to 32 Amp single-phase; Up to 125 amp three phases
  • Use of showers
  • Fax / Internet
  • Crane for boat launch and hauling
  • Boat launching slide
  • Drinks Dispenser
  • Underwater repairs
  • Mechanics and shipbuilding assistance
  • Boat storage
  • Covered parking area for cars and trucks in Milazzo
  • Transport of boats from/to Salina
  • Supply of spare parts, accessories and equipment
  • Food and beverages supply
  • Reservation of cars and aerotaxis
  • Hotel reservations, restaurants and airline tickets

Boat Storage

  • The Company has a shipyard in Milazzo:
  • Launching and hauling with diver (if necessary)
  • Cleaning, high / low pressure washing, cleaning axles and propellers
  • Roofing of the boat with shrink-wrapping plastic sheets
  • Application of anti-fouling and check of hull state
  • Water engines and batteries
  • Every ordinary maintenance (external scrubbing, interior, teak treatment, bilge cleaning, polishing, etc.)

At the Darsena it is also possible to rent inflatable boats, or sailing and motor boats, between 10 and 24 metres long and visit all the beauties of this well-known and beloved Archipelago.


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