This week Marinanow takes you to Northern Sicily and one of the most beautiful villages in Italy to discover the beautiful marina of Porto Nuovo of Cefalù Levante.

Cefalù: Between Sea and History

The city of Cefalù, or the ancient Kephalodion, located about 50 km from Palermo, takes its name from the natural shape of the rock overlooking the city: a massive and imposing monolith that has acted as a fortification during the long history of the city.

Cefalù is one of the 15 Sicilian municipalities that are part of the famous Madonie Park rich in archaeology and architecture, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site Cathedral, as well as protected natural areas of incomparable beauty.

This city, enriched by a millennia of history, is a perfect combination of breathtaking landscapes, architecture, archaeology and tradition. From the labyrinthine tangle of its medieval streets you can see a glimpse of another epoch.

The historic centre is ideal for those wishing to enjoy a walk through the small souvenir shops and local craftsmen shops, the boutiques of Via Vittorio Emanuele, the famous wine shops of Corso Ruggero, and then to savour the typical Sicilians cakes and cuisine.

A jewel in the Mediterranean that alternates between landscapes of long stretches of straight beach, small creeks of sand and rock and high cliffs over the sea.

This place is ideal for those looking for a boat holiday in an unspoilt countryside but at the same time want to take in culture, art and history.

The Marina

The New Port of Cefalù (Presidiana) is located to the east of the town and is protected by a three-legged jetty about 580 metres long.

On the south of the pier, there is a reinforced concrete jetty with a “T” shape head, about 250 metres long, and oriented eastwards. Between the headboard and the root there are two inner piers, on both sides, each of them 45 metres long.
Between the roots of the overflow pier and the “T” Tunnel jar, floating jetties are installed, where the boats can find safe mooring.

The port has about 300 berths, of which 40 are dedicated to boats in transit, equipped to accommodate boats of a maximum length of 40 metres.

The marina offers many services to the yachtsmen including:

  • Gas station
  • Diesel and fuel in the docks
  • Water and electricity
  • Lighting service in the docks
  • Boat slide
  • Mobile crane up to 10 t
  • Hull repair
  • Sail repair
  • Surveillance
  • Mooring assistance
  • Waste collection
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Toilets
  • Car parking area

Choosing your mooring in Cefalù will allow you to enjoy a safe and comfortable departure harbour from which to organise your boat holiday in one of the most beautiful areas of Sicily and the Mediterranean.

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