Marina of the week: Portoscuso (CI) – Sardinia

Map of Sardinia showing Carboni IglesiasPortoscuso is a small tourist location situated in the south-west of Sardinia. It overlooks the bay of the same name in front of the smaller island of San Pietro. The town has a port, which contains around 395 berths that can host boats up to a maximum of 25metres and from which it is easy to reach the Island of Carloforte, another jewel in the sea of Sulcis. This small town has a variety of attractions for those who want to have a relaxing holiday, enjoying the crystal clear water and the history of this little known part of Sardinia. Portoscuso is famous for its “tonnara” (the traditional tuna fishing and processing plant), and from the end of May to the beginning of June there is a huge bluefin tuna fishing event. For all lovers of good food you shouldn’t miss out on this event where it will also be possible to taste dishes based on the fresh catches and the famous tuna “bottarga” (dried roe).



The beach of porto paglietto

The beach of Portopaglietto, a small stretch of around 200 metres of white sand bounded by two cliffs, is the most famous beach of Portoscuso.  On the righthand side of the beach there is the “spanish tower” and the tonnara of Su Pranu, today the museum centre of Portoscuso. The zone offers numerous opportunities also for those who want to do some sport, including the possibility of taking part in underwater diving and windsurfing making maximum use of the strong mistral winds that can hit the “golfo del leone”, a short distance from Portoscuso town.



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