Portovenere – Pontile Ignazio

Portovenere is an Italian district located in the Bay of Olive trees in the province of La Spezia (Italy), in the far southern end of the little peninsula that marks out the western bank of the gulf of La Spezia, also known as the gulf of poets. In 1997 the district, along with the islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto and with the territory of the Cinque Terre, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Pontile Ignazio is located in front of the island of Palmaria, around 200 meters from the small port of Portovenere. The marina with 40 berths is perfect for those who want to visit the Natural Parks of the Cinque Terre, which are a few miles away, or immerse themselves in an adventurous trip to discover the islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto. The marina is composed of floating Montecarlo modules, with the quality guaranteed by the Martini Marinas brand. The jetties have a catenary T form and can accomodate berthing both of long term as well as transit boat. Long term berths are available for boats between 8 and 16 metres in length, the marina can accomodate boats up to 25 metres long boat in transit. Boaters who decide to dock in Pontile Ignazio can benefit from many services, like mooring assistance, waste management, water and power, cleaning of the boat, refuelling and toilets. Near the marina there are also many shops and services that should be able to satisfy the needs of the client without them having to travel far.

Can this little, enchanting and suggestive village, brushed by foaming waves, win you over? Start our virtual tour to discover the main attractions of Portovenere:


After you have moored your boat in Pontile Ignazio, you can access the Aldo Moro promenade, connected to the marina by a free standing jetty.  Travelling along the promenade you will find yourself in the most characteristic part of Portovenere, among the coloured cots and the maritime villages full of charm and culture, where you can relax after your trip and taste the excellent dishes in one of the many restaurants, before discovering the architectural heritage of the territory.

One of the most significant monuments is the Church of San Pietro, that rises up out of the ruins of the Venus Temple, in a suggestive landscape where the sea and the stone mix up together and the silence is interrupted by the sound of waves that break on the underlying rocks.


Another magnificent monument is the Castle of Doria, that was built on top of a rocky promontory and dominates the views of the whole of the maritime village. The castle is setting for many art shows and conferences and can be visited freely.

Under the castle the paths for two of the most beautiful parks of Italy cross each other: the park of the Cinque Terre and the park of Portovenere. These give you a complete immersion in nature and a trip to the environmentally sustainable universe.

After a long walk in the parks it will be time to return to your boat and to set out toward the islands of the archipelago of Spezzino:


The first island that you will come across is the island of Palmaria, divided from Portovenere by a narrow branch of sea called Le Bocche. The western coast of the island is characterised by high cliffs overlooking the sea, with many grottos to explore. The most fascinating grottos are the Azure Grotto and the Dove’s Grotto. The first is famous for the transparency of the water and you can enter it by boat for 60 metres, while the second is accessed by a rope. In this grotto there are remains of the higher palaeolithic and neolithic ages.

Continuing you will reach the islands of Tino and Tinetto, where it is possible to discover the abundant and typical flora and fauna of this place, for example the Tarantolino, the smallest kind of gecko known to man.


The area of Portovenere offer a rich marine landscape for exploration, each year it is a  popular destination for many divers from all over Italy. The marine area is under protection due to its unique habitat and the rich biodiversity of the sea bed, characterised by variegated vegetation and the presence of many marine organism. Climbing down to the sea you will again find many marine grottos and sweeps of coral, that are a paradise for those passionate about underwater exploration.

If you are interested to visit the whole of Portovenere both land and sea you can book your boat for the trip on Marinanow following this link, or if you have got a boat and you want to book your berth on Pontile Ignazio  you can do it online and without extra expenses in only a few clicks. Enjoy your trip!

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