This week we head to Spain to Puerto de Rota, in beautiful Andalucia, a fully equipped marina located in the town of the same name, a few miles from Cadiz.

The city of Rota

Rota is located in the north of Cadiz Bay, in the Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Portugal and Gibraltar.

The city is today one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province of Cadiz, thanks to its rich tradition of both seafaring and farming, its beaches, the hospitality of its inhabitants, its gastronomy, as well as the great and diversified cultural and sporting offering.

Due to its position, Rota has been an important centre for different cultures and languages: Tartessians, Romans and Arabs. Under the Arab rule, the city was known as Rabeta-Ruta. From an archaeological and architectural point of view, the city is still rich today with churches and buildings that testify to its fascinating past.

The coastline overlooking the city has 16 kilometres of beautiful beaches whose waters were all awarded with the Blue Flag. Among them the two urban beaches: La Costilla, near the historic center, and Rompidillo.

Thanks to its geography and climate, Rota has all the facilities for a large number of sporting activities: Golf Course, Tennis Club, Paddle Club, Horse Club, Nautical Club, Sailing School, Hunting and Fishing Centre and the “Astaroth” Marina.

The culinary tradition is also important and full of dishes linked to this very fertile territory touched by the sea: Urta a la Roteña (a famous fish dish), Berza Roteña, Arranque Roteño (vegetable dishes), Sopa de Urta (fish soup), Las Tortillitas de Camarones (shrimp omelette) and the “Tintilla” of Rota, the world famous sweet wine.

The Rota Naval Station, a logistics base for military operations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, is located in the city and manages a freight terminal for American cargo and American aircraft, as well as other states belonging to NATO. This base is also known for being a cross-border landing site in the Space Shuttle program. In addition to ships, submarines and airplanes, there is also the US Navy Middle East and Oceanographic Center for Europe, which provides information to both the US and NATO.

The Marina

Rota Marina offers 509 moorings for boats with a maximum length of 15 metres and up to 4 metres of draft. In the Astaroth marina, there is also a well equipped shipyard with a crane and a travel lift that facilitates all boat launching and boat maintenance operations.

In this harbour, there are all the best services: water and electricity, changing rooms, bathrooms, fuel service stations, boat rentals, waste collection, surveillance.

Thanks to its location in the urban area, you can easily reach the historic centre of the city, its beautiful beaches, the typical fishing district and its streets full of small shops, history, culture and restaurants where you can enjoy the excellent cuisine of Rota.


  • Drinking water
  • Bar / Restaurant
  • Port Authority
  • Electric current
  • Gas station
  • Crane
  • Winter storage
  • Travel lift
  • Ramp
  • Garbage collection
  • Waste water collection
  • Shipyard
  • Locker rooms
  • Quality certification
  • Certification of Services
  • Boat rental

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