Hire a berth in Cecina

Cecina is a small town in the province of Livorno, in Tuscany. Its name and history dates back to the Etruscans: Cecina is located near the end of the Val di Cecina, near the mouth of the river, in northern Maremma, historically known as Maremma Pisana (today also called Maremma Livornese). The district is largely flat and is spread over 42.48 square kilometres and lies in the Etruscan Coast.

During the Sixties the city began to attract Italian and foreign tourists so much so that in summer the population triples with tourists filling up the hotels and camp sites, as well as those with their second home in Cecina.


The Marina di Cecina, the coastal district of Cecina, is a popular tourist destination for families both for the security of its sea, as well as the pine forests that ensure serenity and recreation for children.

The beaches of Cecina Mare every year since 2006 have received the prestigious Blue Flag award. Also in the area is the water park “Water Village”.

The development is undoubtedly linked to the birth of the port, founded as “Circolo Nautico Foce Cecina”. In 1990 a company was established in order to achieve a real marina, whose project began a decade later. In 2011, work began on the expansion of the infrastructure.


The marina, located on the Ligurian Sea, lies at the mouth of the river Cecina and, in 2004, consisted of a series of piers for a total of about 650 berths, with at least 15 reserved for boats no longer than 12 meters long and in transit. In the port area there are services for refuelling, a mobile lift, a crane and various types of boat repairs, including for engines.  Access to the port-channel can be dangerous when there is wind from the south-west and at night due to the shallow seabed.

With the construction of the new port, whose works are still underway (2015), there will be more than 800 berths for boats from 8 to 40 metres long, 1,100 square metres of space dedicated to shipbuilding and storage for 400 boats up to 9 metres long, as well as exhibition halls for boating.

With archaeological parks, museums and natural beauty, this is a place for complete relaxation and boasts good facilities for those arriving by boat. The marina is ready to host your memorable stay in any season of the year: click here to reserve your berth and start planning your next holiday.

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