There was a special meeting between Marinanow and sailing champion Andrea Mura, both ready for the new challenges of bringing the Sardinian identity to beyond Europe. There are various passions shared by the creators of the company that deals with reservations for boats and moorings in the Mediterranean, and the skipper: a friendship that has resulted in the organisation of an event intended to sponsor the exciting project of crossing the ocean with the colours of Sardinia.


Twenty guests were invited to the exclusive evening that was held in Palau, in the splendid setting of the “Locanda Rafael Coffee” of Porto Rafael, famed as the home of Rafael Neville Conte de Berlanga, the founder of the town that bears his name: a visionary, artist and patron, a reference to the past that goes well with the aim of supporting Andrea Mura in the enterprise of building a new boat.


Alessandro Sestini, CEO of Marinanow company, thanked the attendees.  “Ours is a very young and dynamic company that believes both in synergy and in Sardinia, and this presentation is an example of how these can work together “- said Sestini, thanking in particular Andrea Orecchioni and Marcello Prospato, owners of the Inn Rafael Cafe that hosted the event.

“We are very happy to present Andrea Mura” continued Sestini “with whom from the very beginning there has been a perfect understanding in showing Sardinia’s excellence in the World. We have therefore decided to organise this event to bring together other Sardinian entrepreneurs who want to promote Sardinia’s excellence beyond its natural local boundaries.”

Andrea Mura was enthusiastic about the event saying “The event was very beautiful and important not only to transmit signals and share the excitement of companies within the island, but also to show that here great opportunities can be born, to beat new records and carry around the world-Vendée Globe solo, the racing identity that encompasses innovation and technology “