New Marina laws coming soon

Day 2 of the Genoa Boat show went really well.  We made some great contacts again and are in talks with lots of new marinas including some big marina societies.  In the next few days we should be able to give you some done deals and lots of new berths to book.  Stay tuned!

At the fair, as well as boats and accessories, there are also concerts and interesting talks.  One of the talks today was about the latest developments in marina laws and tourism.  Some interesting news for us and for you is that:

  • Next year, the VAT for berth booking could be reduced to 10% instead of 22%
  • Boats will be able to be registered online so that in Italy the police will no longer need to check your papers.  It will work in a similar way to car number plates and they can even be personalised!
  • Marinas in Italy will get a star rating system.  This will work in a similar way to hotels with a maximum of 5 stars.  The exact system still has to be defined and each region of Italy will be able to decide how many stars to award.  It will mean, however, that you will have a quick way of understanding the quality of the marina you are visiting.

That’s enough of the marina laws.  Below are a few of the smaller boats in the show.  I hope you enjoy the photos and see you tomorrow.

Tiny fishing boat - QuickSilver

Sacs 3.2m dinghy


Transparent Dinghy