Marina Port Vell: your mail always with you

The Marina of Port Vell (Barcelona) is offering a new innovative service for their sailors: now you can send and receive mails and packages directly to the marina, where you have your own personal post box. The marina will keep your letters safe for you until your arrival or it can forward them to an address at your request. If you prefer, the marina will even scan the documents and email them to you.

To make use of the service guests will need to pay a monthly fee of 25 € and 1 € for every extra day or 195 € a year, (saving 105 € per year). The price includes 5 free parcels (maximum 10 Kg each) a month. While sending a photo of the package by email costs 1 €.  The document/mail scanning service costs 0,39 cent per 2 page letter, plus 0,20 cent for each additional page.

So you never have to miss your mail! To learn more about the marina of Port Vell and its services you can read the article on the section “The marina of the week” on our blog or you can visit the page of the marina on the Marinanow site.