Never say no to a beautiful holiday on a sailing boat, even if you have young children.  Without any major sacrifices, the journey can be fun.   Simply choose and equip the boat well, with a suitable pantry and choose a route taking into consideration the needs of the children and you’ll find a holiday on a boat with kids can be the perfect vacation.

boat with kids

It’s obvious that you have to travel on boats which have adequate space: so first tip is to opt for a comfortable boat with large lockers where you can keep all your bits and pieces need (from stroller to chairs to the dinette’s and from games to diapers).

An good rule of thumb for easy sailing and safety is that for one child you would need at least a 9 metre hull, for two children 11-12 meters while for larger families better to choose a 13-14 metre boat.


Taking a holiday on a boat with kids also means planning carefully the various stages of the cruise, so you can’t just wing it. Try choosing the better equipped marinas which are easy to enter in all weather conditions and which have areas where children can play and have small stops. For this the Tuscan Archipelago or the Aeolian Islands can be the best choices. Book your berths here now.