Andrea Mura’s beautiful “Vento di Sardegna“, is today in one of the most difficult stretches of the Ostar, the toughest Atlantic solitaire race that started on May 29th from Plymouth to Newport.

This race represents a tremendous challenge: 2,850 miles from England to the United States, the toughest of this kind of races because of the polar temperatures faced counter-current.

But despite these challenges, the cold (the water temperature is 2.8 degrees), the strong wind, Andrea has increased his advantage so that yesterday, June 8th, he was 470 miles in the lead.

On his Facebook page, Andrea posts his updates, leaves comments on the difficult conditions he is facing and keeps all his supporters informed.

On June 7th, Vento di Sardegna reached a speed of 25 knots, with wind speeds of 43 knots, cold water, huge waves, a really terrible and difficult scenario.

Forecasts for today, June 9, see Andrea going through the hardest passage: about 5 hours, with wind at 40-45 knots and 5 metre waves.  After this point he will approach Halifax, in Nova Scotia, and then finally Newport.


A very high performance boat

Vento di Sardegna is proving to be a masterpiece of technology and innovation studied and designed by Andrea Mura himself.

Everything on this boat has been specifically designed based on the experience of his skipper and planned for the extreme conditions encountered during the oceanic races.

As you probably already know, Andrea Mura is not only a great athlete: in 1985 he founded the Veleria Andrea Mura Sail Design, where he develops innovative technical solutions that won him the “Oscar” for “Best Sail Constructor 2005”.

The sails of Vento di Sardegna, have been designed and manufactured in the Veleria by Andrea Mura and represent the first ones in the world made with the “sk99 low crimp” yarn (a material not yet present in the nautical market) a fiber 50% stronger than kevlar and 30% more than carbon, light and almost immune to stretching.

In the lower deck the equipment is the latest generation and the finishes are handled in detail with lightweight and high performance materials.

But the most interesting novelty is the new “geodetic” cabin, covered with plastic glass, to keep control from the outside, offering shelter from the stiff cold and storms, with a system that maintains a constant temperature in the lower deck.

Some of the most renowned companies and craftsmen contributed to the creation of this unique boat designing its components, including Lamborghini who created its ultralight and high performance helm.

The engine is instead a Lombardini Marine404 S-Drive with 40 horsepower, transmitting to a titanium propeller with adjustable blades by Ewol.

The hull is treated with paints, epoxy resins and stuccoes specially chosen to provide the boat with maximum speed and reduced friction as well as UV and corrosion resistance.

Andrea Mura already has many victories in various races, including the well-known Route du Rhum, the solitary race where, in 2007, he became the first Italian to win it.

In 2013, he took part in and won the terrible Ostar.

Today we are witnessing a great champion who is defending his title and, even in this edition, is leaving us short of breath until the very end!


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