The sea can be enjoyed in a variety of ways: from diving to fishing and from total laziness to frenetic energy. But all choices can be better if they are based off a boat, allowing you to enjoy the sea in its entirety and especially if it’s an ecological holiday.

Sometimes the choice is a matter of personality: sailing is suitable for those who love peace, who do not hurry and enjoys the journey as much as the destination. If you want to move faster and travel long distances, you’re better off on a motor boat.




Sailing boat holidays are a big choice, a break from traditional holidays, not comparable to any other type, where you form close relationship with fellow travellers, and the ability to alternate between moments of relaxation where you can appreciate the salty-sea breeze when Aeolus and Neptune meet, and times when you have to fight the forces of nature with huge physical effort.




There is also another very important reason to choose a sailboat and that is because it is the one of the types of travel that pollutes the environment the least, and living on the boat also stimulates you to use natural resources in a rational way, as well as recycling and the use of biodegradable products.

So what are you waiting for book your berth now, and pack your bags for your next destination!