This route that we are proposing in the beautiful sea of Northern Croatia, leaves from and returns to Split touching Maslinica (Solta) – Zlarin – Skradin – Šibenik – Tribunj – Primosten – Trogir – Krknjaši (Drvenik Veli). Here you will find useful information for renting a boat.

Day 1: Split – Maslinica (Solta)

Maslinica is the only settlement on Solta, the island on the west coast.  It is an exciting nautical destination thanks to its many coves sheltered from the wind and his mini-archipelago of seven islands, which make it extraordinary for those who love diving and underwater fishing. Its most visited cove is the Sesula bay.

Sesula bay Northen Croatia

Day 2: Maslinica – Zlarin

Zlarin is the third largest of the six inhabited islands of the Sibenik archipelago. Historically a destination for travellers who love water sports, especially diving with beautiful coral reefs that as early as the 13th century have been a source of trade. A partially uninhabited island where you can immerse yourself completely in nature, both in and out of the water.

Day 3: Zlarin – Skradin

Skradin is a city with a history going back 6000 years, due to its strategic location in the heart of the central Adriatic, near the mouth of the river Krka: a sea route known since the times of the ancient Liburnians, Greeks and Romans. Guests can visit the nearby Krka waterfalls, today a Croatian national park.

Skadrin Northen Croatia

Day 4: Skradin – Šibenik – Tribunj

Tribunj is a town 15 km away from Sibenik, surrounded by olive and fruit trees.  This fishing village, in recent years has invested in tourism with a particular focus on nautical. The new marina has about 300 berths that are well shielded from the winds; and the Tribunj area is rich with beautiful beaches where you can enjoy an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere.

Day 5: Tribunj – Primosten

A charming cape with a series of white stone houses furnished with stone roofs, surrounded by the remains of the town walls and in the centre of the islet a grand church. It is connected to the coast by a dike and to get into town you pass by an old gate that overlooks a square where you will find small shops and typical restaurants. Kremik marina with over 400 berths in one of the safest places to moor in the Adriatic Sea, and continues the old tradition of Primosten.

primosten Northern Croatia

Day 6: Primosten – Trogir

Trogir is a museum-town in the true sense of the word: it is the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in the whole of Central Europe. The castle and tower, surrounded by stone walls, contain the old core of Trogir. The most significant cultural monument is the cathedral. It is located on the Kaštelanski Bay coast, on an island connected to Čiovo and the mainland by stone bridges. The Trogir Riviera is covered by lush Mediterranean vegetation, olive groves and vineyards, numerous islands and bays, sand and pebble beaches. An unspoilt coastline where you can sail along safe routes.

Day 7: Trogir – Uvala Krknjaši (Drvenik Veli) – Split

Drvenik Veli is an island in the Riviera of Split, only 6.2 nautical miles off the coast of Trogir: the beauty of the very jagged coast makes it an attractive nautical destination. All underwater activities around Drvenik are strictly prohibited.

Uvala Krknjaši is a bay on the eastern side of the island, well protected from the winds, especially those to the west and northwest. It is a good place to berth and discover the small town in the bay which offers accommodation and local specialties. It has a mild climate and shallow waters which together with an untouched natural beauty make it irresistible to lovers of adventure.

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