Less than ten days till the latest edition of the TAG Heuer Vela Cup Formenton 2017 Trophy that will take place in the beautiful scenery of the Maddalena Archipelago, Sardinia.

The Event

At 11:30, on August 20th, leaving from Porto Rafael, Palau, you can watch the beginning of the 21-mile race through the spectacular strait of Bonifacio.

The yachts will depart from Porto Rafael and then will sail between the islands of Budelli and Spargi, keeping Spargiotto to the left, where they will have to sail around a buoy near Punta Paganetto and one in the bay of Porto Pollo. From here they will head to Spargi leaving Cala Corsara and then return to Porto Rafael.

This race will host boats of all types and measures (minimum 7 metres in length) and represents an opportunity for all fans of this sport who want to experience a top-level competition or just enjoy a cruise in this wonderful archipelago.

All the participants in the Racing Category must have a gennaker or a spinnaker while, those who want to take part in the Cruise, must adopt white sails.

Each category is then divided into classes depending on the length of the boat. Boats with an ORC status certificate will have a dedicated ranking according to the Formenton Trophy Regulations but will also be automatically registered into the VELA Cup.

Starting on the 20th of August at 8 pm, the party will then move on to the ground where the Award Ceremony will be followed by music and an abundant buffet.

The TAG Heuer VELA Cup Formenton Trophy will be your chance for a boat holiday in one of the paradises for sailing lovers throughout the world: the Maddalena Archipelago. If you want to sail between Spargi, Caprera, Lavezzi, Budelli, Cavallo, Razzoli, Santa Maria, Porto Pollo, Porto Rafael, Marinanow has a huge selection of boats for you to rent for the event!

Why not charter your boat and your mooring with us for an unforgettable experience in one of the natural paradises of the Mediterranean!

For more information:http://www.velacup.it/vela-cup-trofeo-formenton/


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