This special place with its coast extending for 160 kilometres and dotted with rich and sumptuous cities like Cannes and Saint Tropez makes the French Riviera a destination to live in any month of the year.

Ancient Palaces, fashionable restaurants, colossal yachts and the vip sea:  this portion of the Mediterranean coast, belonging to the French Region of Provence, continues into the Ligurian coast in Italy and shares a similar climate.  The stretch of coast from Menton to Cannes is definitely one of the most famous in Europe.

The beauty of the French Riviera is its continuous mountainous landscape and this beauty is not purely along the coast line but also can be found travelling a few minutes by car, mountain bike or even foot up numerous climbs and countless steps that you will come across every now and again. As Jean Cocteau said “there aren’t places that are as lonely, as strange or more suspended in nothingness” than Eze, the village perched on a mountain near Nice.


After the cape of Cap Martin, the next most famous place is Cap Ferrat, full of inlets where you can watch sailboats in the bay with its famous marina that houses above all sailboats, and, for those who enjoy such things, take a pleasant stroll among the docks where you can find some gems, such as the famous “Stealth” belonging to the Agnelli family.

Fine sand, rocks, pebbles, small coves or extended bays, the deep sea, or waterfronts where you can touch the ground up to ten metres into the sea: the French Riviera offers everything.  There are also many free beaches (plages publiques), equipped with free showers and refreshment at hand.


The French Riviera is the ideal destination for those who love the sea, the sun, beach life and local nightlife and festivals, but it is also a place that has many different itineraries, including exceptional art galleries of the great impressionist masters, who found inspiration in the vivid colours of nature. Select the location where you want to moor to discover the territory and book your berth now.