Unpolluted seas, breathtaking bays and landscapes where time seems to stand still. Beyond all doubt nature is the protagonist in Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, full of mountains, forests, plains, largely uninhabited territories, streams, rocky shores and long sandy beaches that make it a micro continent for the variety of its ecosystems.


Sardinia has been in the past, and still is today, a place that exudes beauty; a travel destination, especially for sailing enthusiasts, that is transformed into unique adventures.

Discovering the island by sea is the best way to enjoy it and its coastline that is famous all over the world including the island of Sant’Antioco, Asinara, the island of San Pietro, La Maddalena and Caprera.


From the coast to inland towns, whether you are looking for culture, archeology or museums, Sardinia is a place full of memories, where the landscapes are rich in poetry, harsh realities and flavours.

The most famous coastline is undoubtedly the Costa Smeralda, typified by granite rocks, which winds north of Olbia and arrives in Palau, encompassing prestigious locations such as Porto Cervo and Baia Sardinia, where luxury and modernity combine with the Sardinian tradition.


In the northern part of the island crystal clear waters surrounds the islands of La Maddalena, Caprera and jewels like Budelli and Spargi. While the Gallura region offers other beaches to the west of Santa Teresa and Capo Testa, such as Portobello, Costa Paradiso and Badesi.

In the province of Sassari you will find towns such as Castelsardo and Platamona, and the headland that juts out into the Asinara with the famous beaches of Pelosa and Stintino.

Sardinia is always surprising, and on each of its four sides enchantment is guaranteed. On the east coast, for example, running down to the south and along the Isle of Tavolara, you have San Teodoro, Budoni, Orosei and Posada, with the famous coves of Cala Gonone and Cala Luna, while on the west coast stands Capo Caccia, from which you can reach the beaches of Alghero and continuing further south you will arrive at Bosa.

costa smeralda

Coming from Cagliari, the capital and a city rich in history and built on seven calcareous hills, you can choose to move east finding the beaches of Villasimius, Capo Carbonara and Costa Rei, or due west to Capo Teulada where you will find the beautiful beaches of Pula, Santa Margherita, Chia and the South Coast. If you are looking for less famous beaches, close to Carbonia and Iglesias, you can discover unspoiled, wild places that seem to be untouched by man.


Less crowded, but certainly no less striking, is the coast heading back to Oristano, with beaches such as Buggerru and Cala Domestica, or along the Costa Verde near the Marina di Arbus, which has magnificent views of the Sinai Peninsula.

Want to set sail? There is no need to wait for summer to reach Sardinia: the temperate climate and excellent services to boaters, allows you to visit throughout the year. Book your berth now and find your desired destination using this link.