With springtime knocking at our door and just a few months left until Summer, it is now that sea addicts like us start getting the itch to get back aboard.

Marinanow’s presence in the south of France is raising. That’s why we’d like to share with you our exclusive selection of 6 marinas along the French Riviera and Corsica that you should be visiting on your next holidays across the North Mediterranean.

Our website makes it extremely easy for you to book the berth that meets your needs in each of the marinas we will be talking about. On top of that, with Marinanow you can also hire boats with or without crew in your favourite ports and be embraced by the waves or choose from hundreds of sailing tours and experiences in the European seas.

Now it’s time to set sail and discover the unmissable stop-overs in a tour starting in Cannes in the French Riviera, before arriving at the most interesting destinations in the island of Corsica.

La Rague, the family harbour


La Rague tourist harbour located right in front of the Lerins Islands is a cosy place particularly loved by families who want a leisurely holiday while enjoying the numerous bistrots and cafes. The ideal point for some down time from your journey with family and friends. It is right in the very heart of the French Riviera bordering La Napoule Bay, majestically dominated by the Esterel Massif with its splendid views over the coast.

Nestled deep among the mountains and the sea, the coast is picturesque and invites you to explore it far and wide on your own boat or simply by booking a single-day tour.

Snorkelling and diving in these little coves is a must, however if you re in search of a quiet experience with lots of sport and leisure activities for all the family you will love Plage le Magellan.

Cannes, the iconic VIP destination

cannes vacanze vip in francia

Without a doubt the red carpet which leads to dreamy holidays in Southern France could not be anywhere else but in Cannes, the finest jewel of the Côte d’Azur. The city of the most glamourous cinema festival is also a safe mooring spot for holiday sailors pairing with the unique charm of its bay.

Marinanow allows you to reserve your mooring in the vieux port located in the oldest part of the city with 800 boat slips available. Stunning buildings face the docks of the port giving visitors a landscape which is always spectacular, dramatic sunsets and a perfect point for a selfie, of course.

Cannes Vieux Port is the perfect balance for those sailors willing to explore the city without losing a bit of its lively cultural on offer, the up market nightlife and the best shopping in the elegant streets of the city centre. Make sure to stroll in the narrow streets of the old district of Le Suquet and climb to the top of the panoramic tower. Last but not least, who would not to want to walk along the famous la Croisette promenade.

Nice, the elegant city

porto di nizza sud francia

The largest and most important city of France’s southern coast is the right place if you want gourmet restaurants and the chance to jog (or maybe just go for a walk) along the stunning Promenade des Anglais, the walkway that hugs the the warm Mediterranean waters and is admired worldwide. The city offers panoramic landmarks, vintage markets and art at the highest level, with art lovers able to choose between the Chagall and Matisse Museums, to give just two examples!

Only a few miles away from Nice there is Grasse a small city universally known as the world capital of perfume, a symbol of the French charme across the world. Right off the Promenade des Anglais, proceeding eastwards, you will find the Port of Nice, full of amenities.  Here you can easily book your berth and stay just a few steps from the city centre.

Menton, off the beaten track

viaggio in barca francia mentone

This is a true gem off the beaten track. We are in the unknown corner of Côte d’Azur known for its special climate which allows more than 130 types of citrus trees to thrive in winter ahead of the town’s annual festival in February. Menton is a jewel untouched by mass tourism and for this reason is the perfect point for a relaxing holiday among some of the most charming things in France, the sea and lovely old districts. Here, the currents are the warmest in the whole France and its main harbour is a safe spot because is protected by winds and hosts up to 600 boats up to 30 metres in length.

The city inland includes the famous Valley of Marvels a unique open air tour that takes you back in time, close to the Italian border. While in town, a must see is the rich collection of the Jean Cocteau Museum that celebrates the great French artist and intellectual.

Port St-Florent, Corsica as you dream of it

port saint florance corsica yacht

A wonderful location set within a natural inlet in the north of Corsica a few miles from Bastia right where Cap Corse, the unspoiled peninsula, gives the north of the island its unique shape, and very close to the French coasts.

This quiet village with its 1500 inhabitants is a magic place if you’re fond of sailing no matter if it is only for a short time. The coasts nearby are a paradise of unspoiled bays and breathtaking views. Enjoy your best swims before sipping your aperitivo in front of the astonishing turquoise sea far from the crowd.

The colourful berths in the port can host up to 800 boats. Considering its popularity among sailors, we recommend you to reserve your berth in advance.

Boniface and its ancient history

bonifacio tourist harbour boat trip

The last stage of our journey discovering the best harbours in France that you should visit on your next holidays couldn’t be anywhere else but in the spectacular port in the city of Boniface. With its white cliffs perched over the port the inland can even look like a Norwegian fjord.

When you arrive here by boat, you will find yourself speechless. Not only for the crystal waters separating the two islands of Corsica and Sardinia or for the stunning cliffs sheering by the sea but especially for the fortified walls dominating from the top this unique landscape. Book your mooring spot in advance since this port is among the most popular in France thanks to the great amenities on offer. Drop anchor and start exploring over 6500 years of history which have left much to look at both in Boniface and in the surroundings.

While strolling along the seafront you might hear a weird language spoken by locals making you seriously doubt you are in France. In fact, Boniface local dialect is pretty similar to the ancient dialect of Genoa, the city-state that dominated south Corsica during the XIII century.

Are you ready to cast off for your next vacation aboard?

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