The romantic destination par excellence: Venice is a city that reflects in its water and allows you to refind your soul.  A journey that has to be made at least once in your life time, and what better time than the upcoming Valentine’s Day, in which the atmosphere becomes magical, thanks to the presence of the many musicians whose music resonates around the many hidden canals, where you become lost between the heaven and the sea.




It’s easy to fall in love or rediscover love in Venice: as easy as organising a serenade by Gondola crossing the Grand Canal, with a stop at the famous Bridge of Sighs, thanks to the many guided tours available on site. And then, enjoy the spectacular Piazza San Marco, the heart of the city, an important urban and architectural complex that takes its name from the famous Basilica of San Marco, built in oriental style and topped with five Byzantine domes. A space that opens on one side to the lagoon and the other bounded from above by the prestigious Bell Tower and historic buildings of the Old and New Procurates and the Palazzo Ducale.




For lovers of the sea, an alternative to the classic gondola ride is a dinner in the Venetian galleon (leaving from the Port of Fusina at 8pm and returning at midnight) to discover the lagoon, navigating the city of Murano, Burano and Torcello, up to St. Erasmus and St. Francis, from where you can admire Venice from a very unique perspective.

The main waterway of the city is also crossed by the Rialto Bridge, one of the liveliest parts of the continuous transit of tourists. Over and down the numerous bridges, you can discover the treasures of the baroque Santa Maria della Salute, the Accademia Gallery, and not to mention that the city is also a treasure trove of modern and contemporary art, such as that which can be seen in the renovated Punta della Dogana, or inside the Palazzo Grassi or the avant-garde art on display at the Biennale.




Like any city with seafaring traditions, leading to a great exchange of cultures, the cuisine is influenced from the east, rich in spices that give a special touch to the raw materials of the Venetian gastronomy: from rice polenta to fish and poultry (chicken, goose and duck).

Amongst the large variety of desserts you should try the famous “baicoli”, dry biscuits, the “zaleti”, made from raisins and corn and “pan di doges”, with pine nuts, raisins, cocoa, nuts and almonds.

If you reach Venice by boat, you can choose different docks and piers equipped with the necessary facilities for a restful and relaxing stay before getting back on your trip: click here for the link to book your berth now.