What is the right boat for you?

Have you always wanted to buy a boat but you don’t know what the right type of boat is for you? Or are you thinking of renting a boat for your next holiday but cannot choose which one? Marinanow shows you some tips to choose the right boat for your needs and your personality.

sail boat

Sail boat: All those who choose to sail on a sail boat love to describe themselves as real lovers of the sea, the only ones that know what it actually means to sail. An enthusiastic personality that loves sport, the outdoors and adrenaline: feeling the rush of air on his face and reaching the highest speeds thanks purely to the skilful use of the sail are the unparalleled pleasures of the sailor! Every turn is a challenge when looking to gain that extra ounce of speed. The sail boat is suitable for people that want to benefit from an exciting holiday in full contact with nature and want to sail in complete silence cradled only by the sound of the sea. A holiday in a sail boat is synonymous with freedom. So, who loves sailing will focus their attention on the trip rather than the destination and will take an active role in sailing just like they do in life.  Moreover, thanks to the possibility to spread their sails and to take advantage of the wind, the sail boat is the most economic choice and the one that is much more respectful to the environmental than the motor boat. Look at some of the sail boat available on Marinanow.

motor boat


Motor boat: The choice of motor boat is suitable for those with an artistic, or joyful personality and the pragmatic. They see the boat as a means of transport to reach the destination in the shortest time possible. It’s perfect for those who love to travel and to visit new places, changing their destination depending on their mood. Moreover, for people that don’t have enough time for a holiday, motor boats allow them to save on the sailing time thanks to the speed and the ease of navigating, while thanks to the shorter draught it also allows you to smaller and shallower inlets so you can easily visit hidden spots along the coast. However, the costs are more than the sail boat because the cost of the fuel can be large. Discover one of the many boats available to hire on Marinanow.


Catamaran: Like for the sail boat, sailing on a catamaran is all about the pleasure of seeing the wind inflating your sails. However, to spend your holiday on board a catamaran also means having ample space to relax and be entertained on board. The main features of the catamaran are the comfort and the safety, thanks to the greater stability with respect to the sail boat and the ease of changing course, due to the presence of a motor for each hull. However, the cost are higher than the sail boat, for example the mooring costs are about more 50% than for a boat of the same length. A journey on a catamaran is suitable for those who want to enjoy the comfort of a motorboat but don’t want to give up on the joys of a sail boat. Click here for an example of catamaran that is offered by Marinanow.


RIBs (or rubber Dinghies): RIBs are best for those who want a day or half day trip so that they can enjoy a few hours of relaxation in the open sea a long way from the chaos of the city or to take part in one of their favourite activities, like fishing. Thanks to the ease and speed of moving, the RIB is suitable for all those who want to carry out short journey.  To use an analogy from the land, a RIB is the equivalent of a sports car: exciting and enjoyable driving but without the comforts that you would get in a bigger boat. Book your RIB now on Marinanow.


Caicco: The caicco is the best boat for people who want to pass a holiday in complete relax, pampered and surrounded by the luxury and the elegance typical of these boats built completely of wood, with a comfortable master cabin and private bathroom, and ample space on the deck for sunbathing. In this picture there is one of many caicchi available on Marinanow.


SuperYacht: The features of these yachts are luxury and comfort. These are boats that can offer you all the comfort and attention that you need. This is for people that won’t put a price on being pampered and want the perfect attention of the staff, with the possibility to mix relaxing with sport. Look here at one of the many Superyachts available on Marinanow.

To look through the thousands of boat available on the site simply follow this link to Marinanow and you can start looking for the right boat for you. Choosing the right boat is easy on Marinanow: simply choose the starting location and the date for your holiday and the site selects the best available boats for you, otherwise you can set up some filters, like the number of cabins, the boat type, its length and if you prefer to have a crew that will take care of your wellbeing.

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